MacNeil Recycled Patient Lifts - Keeping Care Costs Low with Recycled Lifts and Beds
Who We Are
MacNeil Recycled Patient Lifts was started in response to an important need in the Province of Ontario's medical community for affordable Used and Refurbished Patient Transfer Lifts . We are dedicated to increasing Patient Safety - through safe patient handling and improving working conditions for caregivers.
Ontario Hospital's are under pressure to discharge those patients in Alternative Level of Care beds. Many of these patients will eventually end up in homecare environments requiring a Patient Lift be in place. 
Why Purchase a Refurbished Patient Lift?
Used medical equipment offers patients and their caregivers the benefit of having a Quality Patient Lift at a fraction of the cost of renting or purchasing new.  This in turn helps relieve the financial burden on patients and their families, while increasing the quality, comfort and safety of their care.
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Phone: 647-556-4279